Been Playing Grim Dawn

Been Playing Grim Dawn

As I've mentioned, before, I've been playing Grim Dawn. I played through Act 1, many months ago, although I don't remember which class I used. A new version was released, that opened up Act 2, so I wanted to start a new game. Well, I ended up starting four new games (a game for each class). As of today, I've completed Act 1 with the Soldier (classic melee), Demolitionist (ranged weapons and fire), Nightblade (dual-swords and piercing), and Occultist (summon and magic).

In a surprising twist of events, my soldier was the first character to die. Since that death, though, things have been fine. I'm kind of at odds, though. I kind of feel that this class should be a blunt weapon wielder, although I've never been a fan of blunt weapons (too slow). If I want a sword-based character, though, I should play as a Nightblade.

The occultist is, probably, my least favorite character. I've just never been a big pet person. Add four deaths to the equation and it just isn't my cup of tea (I'm sure there are a lot of people that would refute me). Ironically enough, I've always used magic-based characters in RPGs. That really changed with Titan Quest. I played, mostly, with the Defense, Hunting, and Warfare classes (combining Hunting and Defense, Warden, might have been my favorite).

I've really been enjoying the Demolitionist class. It feels the most like Titan Quest's Hunting class. I'm using a pistol, instead of a bow, and I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve (mob clearing). I do enjoy dual-wielding swords (although dual-wielding spears is something I always wanted to do, in Titan Quest), but being able to take a couple shots and clear a whole group is really fun (this one time, in Titan Quest, I killed 5ish dragons with one arrow).

That brings us to the Nightblade. I'm really not sure what to think about this class. As mentioned, I enjoy dual-wielding swords and super-fast attacking. To be honest, though, it's kind of a boring play (and it was a real struggle for health, in the beginning). It could, of course, just be the way I'm playing it. At the end of the day, though, I'd rather play with the Demolitionist or Soldier.